Climb Lanin Volcano

Climbing the Lanin Volcano

Duration: 2 Days + Meeting day 
Season: All Year.
physical requirement: High

Lanin Volcano (3,776 masl, 12,369 feet) is located in the southwestern part of Neuquén province in Lanin National Park, nestled between Paimún and Tromen lakes. The volcano is surrounded by a diverse range of tree species, including Lenga, Ñire, and the iconic Araucaria, many of which are unique to this region of Argentina.

The north face of Lanin Volcano offers a striking sight, especially in the spring and summer months when the glaciers are visible without snow cover. 

On the journey to Lanin Volcano, travelers will have the opportunity to witness indigenous communities, encounter various lakes and rivers, observe a wide array of bird species, and even spot wildlife such as red deer and wild boar. After two days of hiking, adventurers can reach the pinnacle of "The Summit of The Patagonia," a truly exhilarating experience.

The ascent to Lanin Volcano is not only a physical test but also a chance to immerse oneself in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region. It is a dream destination for climbers who seek the thrill and accomplishment of reaching the summit of this magnificent volcano.

Description of the ascent

Previous day:

You must be in San Martin de los Andes. This day we will check the equipment. You will meet the guide of the expedition and will be able to ask what you want about the next days.

We have equipment to rent if you need.

1th Day:

We will pick you up from your hotel (6:30 AM) and will take you to the base of Lanin (area Tromen in frontier of chile) on our vehicles. We will arrive at 8:15 AM approximately, where the registration will be made with National Park Administration. After that we start to walk.

Lanin Volcano Base

The first 40 minutes we will cross a forest, and after that, we will walking on a sea of cold lava stones to "Espina de Pescado".

After that, we will take the "Desvio de Mulas" track to arrive to the shelters area (RIM y CAJA).

This journey can take about 6 Hours plus different stops to rest and drink water. One of this stops we will be longer to eat our lunch. We will arrive approximately at 4 or 5 PM.

The rest of the day we must rest and have a good dinner because the next day will be more heavy and longer.

 2th Day:

    This day start early in the morning because we need wake up between 3 and 5 Am, prepare our equipment and start to walk when still is night.

    If the weather and the Physical state allows it, we'll be walking about 6 or 7 hours to the summit, crossing different kinds of floors. Ice, snow, looses stones, etc. to the summit

    From the summit (3,776 masl, 12370 feet) we can see a 360º view, and a unforgettable scenery as Tronador Mountain, Volcanos: Villarica, Llaima, Choshuenco, Quetripillan and diferent lakes, rivers and valleys

Summit Lanin Volcano

    After gap of time on summit, we start to go down, stopping in different places to having lunch and rest, and we'll arriving to the base between 6 and 8 PM.

    Our vehicle will be expecting there to return with us to San Martin de los Andes.

the shadow on the valleys, from the summit at 9 AM


- It is prohibited to be more than one night in the mountain. It is not right offer a second night, because the national park gives a second night only in emergency cases.

- Lanin turismo does not give guarantees to arrive at the summit. It depends of the weather, the physical conditions of the group and other factors outside of our control.

Necessary Equipment

Waterproof Trekking boots
Backpack (60 lts or more)
Sleeping bag (minimal -10ºC)
Insulator for sleeping bag
Complementary meals as chocolat, cereal rods, etc
Snow trousers or sintetic termic pants with over waterresistant trousers
Shirts 3 sintetic fabrication
Polar overall 2
waterproof jacket With hood
Cup, Plate and fork
Polar hood
Socks 3 pairs
Water 2 lts 
Sun glasses
Sun protector
Sun protecto for lips

We provide with our services: Ice Axe, walking sticks, Crampons and helmet.

You can rent: mountain boots, slepping bags, waterpfoof overpants, mountain jackets, gloves, backpacks, hoods, etc.

We have a store for the sale and rental of mountain equipment and clothing

Rental Lanin Turismo

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