Kayak Patagonia - Kayaking in Machonico Lakeen

Kayaking in Machónico Lake 

Duration: 5 hours
Season: All Year.
Kayaking in Machonico Lake

On this excursion we navigate two lakes and a slow river.

We first arrive at Lake Machónico on the famous Route of the Seven Lakes in the Patagonian Andes.

   First, we have a talk to get to know each other more, about how to row and maintain the safety of the group/the group’s safety.

    Once in the water, we cross Machónico Grande Lake and then begin to navigate a slow river.

    The environment is incredibly beautiful, surrounded by native forests protected by Lanín National Park with pure transparent waters that come down from the top of the mountains/mountain tops that surround us.

Machonico Lake

   After an hour of slow navigation, we arrive at Machónico Chico Lake, we cross it and stop to enjoy a snack in an exclusive place far away from any civilization immersed in the purest nature.

Machonico Lake

We sail back while enjoying this incredible landscape.

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