Seven Lakes to Villa La Angostura

Seven Lakes to Villa La Angostura 

Seven Lakes Rute to Villa La Angostura
Duration: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Season: All Year.
Modality: Excursion by minibus with guide and stops.

Summary: We travel the Route of the Seven Lakes with stops at different lakes, Vulligñanco Waterfall and relevant sites. Its includes a city tour in Villa La Angostura and same free time. We also visit Mansa and Brava Bays and tour Manzano Bay.

Leaving from this city, we slowly begin the ascent that takes us to the very epicenter of the Andes Mountains. After skirting Lake Lacar for about 4 km. We get into old forests of Lenga, Ñire, Roble Pellin and Coihues threes, which accompany us for a large part of our journey.

Crossing the first areas belonging to the Mapuche community, we see the view from Pil-Pil viewpoint. Later on, the succession of hills of the imposing Cordón de Chapelco appear before our eyes, with its 2200 mts. high and where further ahead, we cross the access to the international ski complex of the same name.

On our way we find the fork of the Arroyo Partido stream.After dividing in two before our eyes, one of its branches discharges its waters into the Atlantic Ocean, while the other does so into the Pacific.

7 Lagos hasta Villa La Angostura

Our next lake be the Machonico, where we stop to enjoy its wonderful viewpoint. We continue and leave the Lanin National Park to enter Nahuel Huapi NP.

The Vulligñanco Waterfall welcomes us with its more than 20 metres'jump. Ffurther on to our rightwe appreciate Lake Villarino and Lake Falkner to our left.

Going into a dense forest of Coihues Threes and Colihues canes we first discover  Escondido Lake with its incredible emerald green color and then Correntoso Lake.

Further on, the magical Espejo Grande Lake viewpoint does not hide any of its beauties.

7 Lagos hasta Villa La Angostura

A few kilometres onwards we see the access the neighbuoring Republic of Chile's-border crossing (Paso Puyehue) and only 10 km further on we arrive in Villa la Angostura. We visit Mansa and Brava Bays and a historic and beautiful diplomatic residence on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi. Then we get to center city with free time to explore it and have lunch in one of its restaurants.

Black on the road again, we travel the 12 km to the wonderful Manzano Bay. We visit its pier, located in a bay with a beautiful landscape. We also visit this unique neighborhood with its particular and exquisite mountain architecture. 

7 Lagos hasta Villa La Angostura

Finally, we go back to San Martin de los Andes

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